Winsoma specializes in US to APAC business development, project management, and market research.

Winsoma is committed to helping companies grow their business, and achieve not just success but a deeper connection with the international community, and an appreciation of the differences and similarities that make life worth living through business relationships.



Business development is not simply knowing the right people and getting a handshake or two. Business development for Winsoma is tangible business growth through a process beginning with carefully planning and implementing a GTM strategy through initial successes, through a series of challenges that are overcome, and ultimately becomming a major product or service in the target market. This means well crafted plans, adaptability to changing situations, attention to detail, the art finding or creating a good fit for a product or service, and following through until critical milestones of market success are met.



Too often project success is bogged down by over-focus on one aspect. Too much attention to the deadline forcing cut corners and problems in implementation, too much focus on process resulting in seemingly eternal project delays, or distractions caused by adding too much to a project and misunderstanding what's involved. All of these problems are not signs of lack of competence, but rather an inability to see the forest for the trees, or an inability to see the trees for the vision. In times like these, what's needed is not a more competent individual, but input from someone with a fresh perspective. Winsoma provides that fresh pair of eyes as well as follow-through without the worry of catering to individuals, focusing on the project as a whole.

Whether for purity of understanding, business development, or planning a project, the very first step is knowledge. Knowing where the needs are now, where they will be, knowing what technologies are cutting edge, and what technologies are mainstream and reliable, and how each technology diffentiates itself from the competition, along with a myriad of other factors like investors, investor success rates, management, operations experience, existing customers, marketing plans, and sales and business development processes and the like are critical in making informed decisions. At Winsoma, due diligence is not an overly used phrase, but a critical aspect of the business process.

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